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New York Minor Permit Instructions
All child performers under 18 need to obtain blanket, working permits through the New York State Department of Labor. First-time applicants may apply on-line or through the mail for the permit. Permits issued on-line expire in 15 days. The final permit, received through the mail, will expire in one year. Permits must be renewed 30 days prior to expiration. You must also open a locked trust account for your child. Fifteen percent of each paycheck will be deposited directly by the Payroll Company into your child’s trust account. The following guidelines will help you in obtaining your child’s permit.

1. First-time applicants can apply on-line for the child’s permit. You may also download the application and mail it to the New York Department of Labor’s Albany office. You will need the following when filling out the application.
•    Child’s given and professional name, date of birth, physical characteristics, address and phone number.
•    Social Security Number
•    Parent/Guardian’s name, address and phone number.
•    Information about the child’s school of enrollment or last school attended.
•    Name, location, account number, etc… of the child’s trust account.
2. You will also need to mail copies of the following documentation to the New York Department of Labor’s Albany office. (First-time applicants have 15 days to submit the paperwork after applying on-line.)

•    For children not yet of school age: copy of birth certificate, hospital record of birth, or baptismal certificate.
•    If no Social Security Number was provided, copy of the child’s passport and any document authorizing the child to work in the United States.
•    For children of school age: a completed copy of Labor Dept. Form LS-560, “Verification of Satisfactory Academic Performance,” signed and dated by the principal or authorized school official stating that the child performer is maintaining satisfactory academic performance (or that he/she is no longer legally required to attend school or has graduated high school).
•    Copy of parent or guardian’s photo ID, (i.e. driver license, passport, government or employee ID).
•    For a guardian: notarized statement from the parent naming him/her as the child’s guardian or copy of court papers with document number for an appointed guardian.
    For trust account verification: a copy of deposit slip, passbook or other official document showing the financial institution’s name, child’s name, parent/guardian or custodian’s name, account number and a statement saying that the account is a trust.

3. You must open a locked trust account for your child. You must supply account information to the production’s payroll company as well as the New York State Department of Labor. (You do not need to provide paper work regarding a trust account the first time you apply online.) The account should be able to receive direct deposits and should only be accessible to the child upon his or her 18th birthday. The following banks offer such an account.
•    Actor’s Federal Credit Union (212 869 8926)-no monthly maintenance fees, $0 opening balance
•    Chase (800 242 7324)-no monthly fees, $1 opening balance, “Lifeline Savings: Uniform Gift to Minors Act” savings trust account
•    HSBC (800 975 4722)-no monthly fees, $25 opening balance, “First Start” savings trust account
4. When going to set, you must bring the following:
•    The original permit, which you keep, and a photocopy of the permit for production;
•    Photo identification for you and some type of I.D. for your child (i.e. birth certificate or Social Security card and a report card, academic record or medical record)
•    Please note you must remain on set with your child.
Contact Information for New York State Department of Labor.

    Call:  800-HIRE-992    or     518-457-1942          Visit: NY State Labor Department Web site First-time applicants may apply on-line by clicking on Child Performer On-line Application System
    Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Mail:    New York State Department of Labor
New York State Department of Labor
Division of Labor Standards
Permit and Certificate Unit, Room 266A
State Office Campus, Bldg. 12
Albany, NY 12240

New Jersey Minor Permit Instructions
NJ permits are different from NY permits & CANNOT be done online. YOU must get the permit BEFORE YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO WORK. Please bring your child’s schoolwork to sets (there will be a set tutor).

1. Complete & sign an A310 form in the three places marked with an X:

•    PARENT signs Part A (top section)
•    PARENT initials Part B (middle section)
•    CHILD signs Part D (bottom section).

2.  Have ALL OF THE FOLLOWING with you:
•    Completed/signed NJ Permit Form (#A310)
•    Copy of child’s Passport OR Birth Certificate
•    Report card OR school letter stating child’s good academic standing
•    Physician’s letter stating child’s good health
•    A letter/note stating which parent/guardian will accompany child during work

3. If you live in New Jersey: Bring all of the above with the A310 form to your school’s principal’s office. They will sign and stamp your permit.

4. If you do NOT live in New Jersey: Bring all of the above with A310 form to the office designated by the production.

5. Bring the stamped permit & ALL paperwork to any set so copies can be made. It is valid in NJ for (3) MONTHS only

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