Getting Rid of Old Stuff Quickly and Easily

Clearing Out Old StuffIt’s time to get stuck into it! Now is the time to start organising your wardrobe. You know what they say; out with the old stuff and in with the new! The first part of your closet clear out involves getting rid of things that you don’t need anymore, this includes:

  • Clothes or shoes with holes
  • Clothes or shoes with stains
  • Clothes or shoes that are too big
  • Clothes or shoes that are too small
  • Junk and rubbish that has found its way into your wardrobe over time

There are a few different options with what you can do with these things, and we’ll outline them below:


For clothes and shoes that aren’t damaged or unwearable, you have the option to donate them. This gives you an opportunity to help those that are less fortunate than you. You can either put the items in a clothing bin¬†or you can visit a local charity shop and drop off the items there.

You may also have friends or family members that could benefit from being given a few bits and pieces. Rather than make them feel like it’s a donation, you can simply say something along the lines of “I have these awesome pairs of jeans but they no longer fit me anymore – but they’d look great on you!”


Do you have a local storage unit that has some free space in it? If you have some clothes that you simply can’t part with – perhaps they’re not in the right season or you plan to fit them once you’ve lost or gained weight – you can always put it into your storage unit. That way, you won’t have any regrets and you can always donate or sell them later.

Bin it

For those items that simply cannot be recycled, donated or stored away – the “no longer wearable” pieces – your only option left is most likely to chuck it out. There are many rubbish removal services around Melbourne that can come and pick up your rubbish and take it away for a small fee.